Spring Conference Day!

Friday, March 18th 2016

Spring Conference Day is Almost Here!

There will be ONE day for Spring Conferences for middle school students and parents (grades 5-8), however these are defined as NEED based. Sign Ups will be made available online two weeks before the date.

Teachers in all subject areas (and advisory) will be available for brief 10 minute appointments, but will not be able to meet with every parent as they did in the fall due to time and numbers.

Conferences are NEED based in Spring

The conferences in the Fall are about meeting the teacher and getting a sense of tone/pace for the year. Meanwhile, Spring conferences are about addressing any needs that may have come up during the year.

That said, please only make an appointment with your child’s SUBJECT teacher IF there is a need to see that teacher in person for a brief 10 minute meeting. Our recommendations are below:

  • We recommend an appointment if the child is earning an 80% or below in the class (please refer to Schoology for these details).
  • Teacher has made comments about behavior/citizenship not meeting expectations.
  • There are multiple missing assignments.
  • The teacher has requested to meet with you.

What if I don't have a NEED, but still Want to Check in?

If your child is doing well academically and you do not need to meet, but would still like to communicate with your child’s teacher, please feel free to call or email the teacher/s. We welcome communication!

Childcare is Available

Extended Programs will be staffed and running for the conference day.

As in the past, Extended programs offers drop-in childcare free of charge to those parents who need childcare while they are in a parent-teacher conference.

Additionally, they also offer partial/full day childcare for the working parent from 7:30-6:00pm on each day.

Please notify Mr. Wolfe if you need this option, but drop-ins are always welcome.