Jane Addams

Hull House Owner & Feminist

The Real Jane Addams

Believe it or not Jane Addams isn't the real name of women suffrage activist, it is Laura Jane Addams. Addams was born on September 6th 1860 in Cedarville Illinois, the eighth out of nine kids. She was among the higher class, as her dad knew Abraham Lincoln. Jane struggled with health problems but later attended and graduate from Rockford Female Seminary in Illinois in 1881, then briefly attended medical school.

Helping the Hull House

Laura Jane Addams is a leader in the progressive era. Addams co-founded and co-owned one of the first settlements in America in 1889, The Hull House. The building provided housing, childcare, educational courses, art club, kitchen classes and food to immigrants and people in poverty. Later on the complex became 10 buildings. Jane also was the first female president of National Conference of Social Work, on the Board Of Education & Chair of Women Peace Party.

Amazing Jane

Addams Achives

The Achievements of Jane Addams

Not only is Jane Addams a women with a college degree but she was leader. Addams opened the Hull House that she co-owned in 1889, using her social work skills she achieved great feed back on one of the first settlements in America. She was a feminist that stood up for what she believed in and that was one of the main reasons she won her Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.
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Why Did I Want To Study Jane Addams?

Miss Jane Addams is not as well known as Susan B. Anthony and Jacob Riis. I feel like Addams is often forgotten and I wanted people to be as inspired as I am by her. Jane Addams not only helped women but all different people and I admire that about her.

Extra Credit

Believe It or Not!

  • At the age of 4 Jane Addams developed spine tuberculosis
  • Addams was a catholic an attended Sunday school
  • Co-founded the hull house in 1889 with Ellen Gates Starr
  • In the year 1920 she was known as the greatest women's suffrage and feminist
  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931
  • Her father was friends with Abraham Lincoln and Jane knew him fairly well
  • Sadly Jane Addams died at the age on 74, May 21, 1935 due to a heart attack
  • Addams didn't have very good health all her life; when she was young she had severe health issues and they later came back in her later years which resulted in a heart attack at age 74