Firearms Training Course

16 hour course required for IL Concealed Carry Permit

NRA Basic Pistol Course & Illinios Concealed Carry Class

This comprehensive class covers Firearm Safety, Pistol mechanisms and operation, Building pistol shooting skills, Pistol maintenance,selection, and an in-depth analysis of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act

Upcoming Classes are arranged to fit your schedule. Call me with your availability today.

Saturday 9:00 AM (8 hrs.)

Sunday 9:00 AM (8 hrs.)

Monday 5:00 PM (4 hrs.)

Tuesday 5:00 PM (4 hrs.)

Wednesday 5:00 PM (4 hrs.)

Thursday 5:00 PM (4 hrs.)

Classroom Instruction will be held at 162 N. Sangamon Chicago 60607

Shooting qualification will be held at a range to be determined.

Cost for complete 16 Hour courses is $300.00

Range fee is to be determined (typically $20.00)

Do I have to have a FOID card?

NO, not to take this class

Can I bring my own firearm? Yes on range day


How Many rounds of ammunition should I bring?

100 rounds of Factory made ammunition (Stored in your car until we are at the range)

What if I do not own a Firearm?

One will be provided for you (Ammunition charges will be applied)

Can I bring my holster?

Yes for practice drills. The qualification will be done from the bench.

To secure your seat in class and for other information call

Paulie Ragano the Chief Instructor at Diversified Professionals

(847) 867-6834