Graphic Designer

Selina Bostic

Career Description

Graphic Designers is a job within the graphic design and arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create an original design.

Working Environment

  • Office
  • Studio space
  • Work at home (if self employed)

Job Details-They work in a range of visual media, such as drawing, painting, photography, digital media or a mix of all these to create and combine symbols, text and images

Hours-They work very long hours. They work approximately 35-40 hours per week

Stress Level-It can be very stressful, it just depends on the work place.

Salary-Graphic and web designers and illustrators can earn approximately $1,150.00 per week (full-time and before tax

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Why did you pick this career?

I picked this career because I have always loved art, even when I was little. I took a graphic design class at my high school and I fell in love with it ever since. Everything seemed really easy to me, photoshop and illustrator is kind hard to use but it got a lot easier once I learned how to use it

Education Path

All the colleges around Michigan offer graphic design. The college I'm applying for is Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota FL and they offer so much to offer for graphic design and its more then graphic design, they also offer a lot of other art courses.

My Goals-My goals throughout college is to get great grades, get all the projects and assignment turned in and maybe get a job in the field that I'm studying. How I see myself obtaining these goals is to pay attention in school, turn stuff in on time and find a job that works around my school schedule.


Where I would like to end up living is Port Charlotte FL. I chose Port Charlotte because the college I want to attend is in Sarasota (which is an hour away) and my grandma just moved down there and I love the area and the weather.

Job Growth-The job growth in Florida for graphic design is going up. It when up by 15%. The national job growth for graphic design is also going up. It when up by 7%

Pay-the differences in pay for the states of Florida and Michigan are somewhat different. In Florida, there yearly pay is about $41,000. In Michigan their pay is about $43,200 a year. So even though Michigan gets cold but Florida stays warm its more likely to get payed more in Michigan then it would be in Florida