Do Not Be a Bystander!

Bystanding is just as bad as Bullying

Being A Bystander isn't OK

Every day, everywhere, people get bullied. Whether physically or mentally, it is a major problem in the great country that we live in. However, another problem that can be under-looked is bystanding.

When you witness somebody bullying, the first thing you think isn't generally to get the bully to stop what he is doing. Some people think that they should just walk away, so they don't get in trouble because they were where someone was getting made fun of.

However, the person who is getting bullied needs help. If that bully sees many people standing up to him, and wanting him (or her) to stop, then chances are they will stop what they are doing. Remember, there is no bad things that can happen if you stand up to the bully. The worst thing that could happen is that they start being mean to you, but at least you have made an impact. People will see what you've done, and hopefully continue in your footsteps.

Don't Forget To...

Always remember the "Golden Rule:"

Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

If you were getting bullied, wouldn't you want somebody to stand up to the bully for you? That is important; do things that you would hope someone would do for you in the situation.