Circulatory System

The ways you transfer blood

Circulatory System

The circulatory system is the transfer of blood to the heart. It can contain red blood cells, white blood cells, veins, aortas, atriums, and more.
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And like any other system this has diseases. Some of these diseases can really do "something" to you.

Vascular- This diseases can affect a lot of things like arteries all the way to your veins. It can also clog your blood streams that flows to your heart and brain. It has been said you can get it by atherosclerosis. It can also be caused by smoking. But if you don't smoke or doing something like eating healthy food can cure it.

Atherosclerosis- THis disease can be caught very easy. If you're over 40 and somewhat healthy, you have a %50 chance of getting it. This can be caught by a few things like: stress, smoking, Diabetes, High blood pressure, alcohol, not a lot of fruit in your system, and just not exercising regularly. And getting rid of it can be as easy as taking an aspirin.

Heart Disease- Heart diseases can be caused by many things like smoking, diets, and stress. Also if the heart disease gets very bad it can give you a heart attack. You can get this disease when blood vessels going to the heart, stiffen.

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In the circulatory there are parts that can help you traveling blood

Arteries- They are the parts of the bodies that carriers bad stuff away from the heart.

Veins- They are the ones that bring the good things to the heart.

White blood cells: These take out the bad things out of your blood

Heart: The control center, (after the brain) where most of the blood can come to.

Red blood cells: The cells in your blood carrying the oxygen inside of it so it doesn't turn blue and lose all of its oxygen.

Plasma: Most of your blood is made of plasma. The plasma also carries blood also to different parts of the bodies.