When will I buy insurance for pets


When should I buy pet insurance for my dog or cat?

Buying insurance for your pet plan for your dog or cat only when it is showing signs of an sickness or satisfies with an accident is never the right way to do it. Pet insurance protection (like all other insurance) is intended to provide protect for the surprising and surprising. At Petcover, we recommend that you take out insurance for your pet plan when you first get your dog or cat. This will prevent having an exemption placed on your cover a pre-existing situation. As animals get mature, they are more susceptible to developing age related circumstances. So keep in mind, the earlier you take out insurance for your pet plan, the less chance of a pre-existing situation avoiding you from getting complete dental protection plans.

Just because your pet is not a dog or cat any more, does not mean you cannot get insurance for your pet plan. Even if your pet does have a pre-existing situation you can still get insurance for your pet plan although there is the chances that an exemption may be applied. Pre-existing circumstances come in two forms, those that will eventually cure, like a damaged leg, and those that may never be treated, like diabetes or Addison’s disease.

At Petcover Pet Insurance we apply exceptions in the following manner;

-Temporary exemption, which will be analyzed on restoration based on the situation, after 3-6 or 12 or twenty four months.

-Permanent Pre-existing exceptions are for circumstances that are not treatable and unfortunately will be omitted completely from your animals plan, but protect is there for all other circumstances.

Petcover may need a complete vet record from the vet before applying an exemption.

Pet insurance protection providers will usually need your animals to be covered, for new on protect, before attaining 8 decades of age, 5 decades of age for some types, particularly massive types of dogs. Sometimes, when assuring mature animals for initially, the company may need a complete vet record before recognizing protect.

My pet is well and healthy since I got him/her. Do I still need to get pet insurance?

We cannot stress enough that when your pet is well is the perfect a chance to buy insurance for your pet plan for them. This means that no exemption will be placed on your plan and you get the benefits of having insurance for your pet plan plan knowing that should your pet is fed up or is harmed you are protected.