February 2016 Counselor's News

Kacy Rodgers, MA, CSC, LPC

Happy February!

The year is flying by and spring is coming! I am reshuffling my groups to incorporate new counseling referrals, so some students have been dismissed and others will change the day that I pick them up. Groups will continue to be at 2:30 daily and will end April 29th so I can change my hat from counselor to testing coordinator. If you have students that need to be in group please let me know ASAP so that I can get them scheduled.

If any student is ever having a crisis, please send me an email or text so that I can see them (no parent permission is required for this).

Behavior gets a little hairy in the spring time and if you need a new motivator or incentive for your students to earn there is a Wii in my office for that purpose. Just let me know when you have students that have earned time (and how long) so that I can schedule that time.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please come see me!

Safety Reminders

Lock Down

  1. Scan hall and collect any students in the hallway
  2. Close the door (should be locked at all times). Slide red/green card into hallway
  3. Red Card=problem (injury, illness, etc), Green Card=no problems
  4. Cover window and close blinds.
  5. Conceal students in an area away from windows and door
  6. Be silent. If anyone knocks or rattles the doorknob do NOT respond

Remember to talk with your students about safety in a calm manner. There are many reasons a school may need to go into lockdown and we must model the reactions that we want students to display.

Second Grade News

  • Junior Achievement Kits will be delivered after Spring Break
  • Please contact your volunteer to confirm that they would like to present again
  • Email me the name of your volunteer after you have spoken with them
  • If your volunteer is not available this year and you need help finding a new one, let me know ASAP
  • STAAR Manuals will be delivered this month, training TBA

Third Grade News

  • Review 504 accommodations and double check testing groups for upcoming benchmarks
  • If you have students that you feel are eligible and in need of accommodations through 504 please see myself or Mrs. Hendrix
  • STAAR Manuals will be here this month, training TBA
  • 504 annual reviews are being scheduled for students with dyslexia to review accommodations and discuss STAAR-A options. Please come prepared to discuss what is working and not working for each individual student. Parents will be invited but are not required to attend.

Caring Song!

Dynamite Caring Song