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Week of May 4, 2020


This information is accurate as of May 1, 2020.
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Staff Appreciation Week

This week is Staff Appreciation Week! If you get a chance, thank a teacher!

Message from the Principal


This week is "Staff Appreciation Week." Typically we do a lot of things to share with our staff how much they are appreciated for all they do for Hebron students. I am so proud of how the staff has really embraced the distance learning and still connected with our students on a weekly basis. Please let your child's teacher know though a picture, song, poem,or message how much you or your child appreciates them! I know they will love it!

We have gotten many questions about year books. The yearbook company has also not been working or printing during this time Currently they have not given us a date on yearbook deployment. If they are ready by the end of this school year, they will be mailed. If they are not ready at the end of this school year, we will distribute them to students next school year.

We understand that some of you may have items your child still has at school, or you have library books, or items from the teacher that need to be returned, next Friday more information will be shared on dates and times we will have a drive-thru pick-up and drop-off.

Our participation numbers were slightly down for some of our on-line programming and up for others. We cannot stress enough the importance of the minimums your child needs to do to maintain or grow in their levels. If your child does not do the minimum work, it will have critical impact on their learning.

Here are the minimums your child has to do each week:

STMath - 80 minutes a week (20 minutes 4x a week)

Zearn - 1 lesson a day, a minimum of four days

Lexia- 60 minutes a week (15-20 minutes, 3-4x a week)

Raz Kids/EPIC Books- Read assigned books daily

Writing - write 15 minutes a day

Sight Words – work on sight words each week to master sight words by the end of May

Unified Arts – Complete 1 of the suggested 25 activities on the Bingo board a week

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Nikki Henry, principal

Do you need tech support?

On-site Tech Support

Monday: May 4 & 11

Time: 10am-2pm

Where: Lakewood High School

Emails to LancerTech@laca.org ahead of arriving on-site are very helpful – some issues they can resolve remotely and other may require parts that we have to order.

District WiFi Info

Parents and guardians:

If you are need internet access, we have created WiFi hotspots in the LHS and Hebron Elementary parking lots. A high-power wireless access point will service the Student lot at the high school. The east and west side lots at Hebron should also work to provide connectivity. The hotspots can be used on any device, personal or school-issued.

To access the WiFi, select the network named LW_Guest.

The password is Lancers123.

Please remember that the Wi-Fi is to be used for school-related activities so our acceptable use policy still applies.

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Lakewood Local's Distance Learning Portal- Click Here

Here you can find your child's grade level weekly newsletter with assignments.

Below are the links and work you can also find on the portal.

Wellness with Weaver-Our School Counselor

Hello Hebron Families!

Here we are in another week that seems like the movie “Groundhog Day.” I feel as though we are waking up day after day and doing the same thing all over again. And now we will continue doing this till the end of the school year. Now don’t get me wrong, every day is not completely the same. Some days are staff Zooms, some days are Zooms with students and some days are just working on the computer.

Last night, my husband and college-age daughter, Addy, were having our nightly conversation about our day and my daughter made the comment, “Human’s aren’t made to live like this. We are made to socialize and be around other people.” Yes! I’m sure many, if not most, of you are feeling that way too. Life is all about connections and relationships; it’s sharing stories and making memories with other people. Even though we all love our families, we want more. We need more. Humans have a psychological need to have interactions with other people.

When I’ve read through Facebook and other social media sites over this past week I have noticed how people are fulfilling this philosophy. They are posting old photos of their friends and “tell me about you” games which are fun, but I love seeing all of the posts about Lakewood. Whether it’s the senior adoptions, the elementary students reading or Zooming with their teachers or the Lakewood graduates being Spotlighted -- I have really enjoyed seeing all of these. I have also enjoyed the pictures of the seniors with the Wings on the side of Hebron Elementary. All of these are proof to me that people really need to have those connections and schools play a big part in that. I’m happy to have a connection with each of you. Keep on doing what you need to do to get through this. We will come to a time when we can correspond face to face again. I, like many of you are looking forward to that day.

Take Care Everyone!

Student Meals During School Closure

This is an update regarding student meal service. Meal service will continue on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-11 a.m. at the 6 locations across the district.

The locations are as follows:

· Eagle Wings Academy (Jacksontown Rd just north of US-40 on OH-13)

· Goodwill (Buckeye Lake, Route 79)

· Hebron Elementary School (Hebron, Deacon Street)

· Lakewood Local School District Services Building (State Route 40, just west of 79)

· St. John's Lutheran Church (Linnville Road)

· The Water's Edge Community Center (Hilton Road at Walnut Road)

Any student in the district is eligible to receive these meals. Each student will receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches in their meal sack.

Sight Word Ideas- Click Here

Here are some ideas that can be used not just in the classroom but also at home.

Hebron's Facebook Page- Click Here

Make sure you also check our Hebron Facebook page, we put a lot of information up on the website. We would love for our parents to share any links or ideas they are doing at home during the next three weeks with their children!