Eleanor Roosvelt

The women who fought for what was right throughout America

Created by Riley Brown and Nick Vach

She did not have it easy.

Eleanor Roosevelt, with a very scarred childhood of bad names due to looks and actions, her mother called her granny based on her actions and seriousness. Her father, which she loved very much was taken away due to alcoholism. Her parents and one brother eventually died of a sickness. She was forced to move to her grandmother who was very strict and was sent to and She has grown up to be a very inspirational women. She has helped so many people towards poverty, women inequality using mass media and a lot more in order for people to be equal

Picture Perfect.

In Eleanor Roosevelt's time period it was far from “Picture Perfect”. People were not treated as equal as they could. Women were not as payed as equal as men, racism was put into play, a large number of workers were unemployed leading to poverty and no homes

Bring it to the media.

One of the problems Eleanor Roosevelt overcame was inequality of women referring to being paid and respected. She publicized these issues through mass media and brought them to the attention of the president and society

Equality at it's worst.

women are starting to accept the way they are treated and believe it is equal and they are lucky but they are wrong, women are often assaulted, targeted, and discriminated.” women are being shot dead in the streets here, too. It.. was only last year that George Sodini opened fire in a gym outside Pittsburgh, killing three women and injuring nine others."(Washington Post Company, @2010)

This is how we fix it.

One way that we can prevent what is happening to women is for the government to lay down some more laws. Laws restricting harassment and assault against women. The problem of women not getting paid as much as men should be brought to the government's attention.

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