Survival Story


Med Pack to keep infections from getting in our bloodstream

Water for cleaning cuts or for drinking

Gun/Knife for hunting and protection

Food scraps so that we won't have to worry about food for a day or two

Wires for setting up snares

Bow and arrows for when we run out of bullets

Hair spray for fires and a flamethrower

Life jackets for swimming to catch fish



I don't need to eat very much, which would be good for survival, if I wasn't so lazy. Im also a very deep sleeper, so if I tiger or something were to sneak up on me in the middle of the night, I probably wouldn't notice, meanwhile my partner is screaming and running for his life/ being a boss and killing it. (In self-defense, of course.)


I'm very good at making weapons out of everyday items, so I could easily make a spear out of a branch or a shoddy sword out of the plane wreckage. I can also be very productive with my time, so I could, say, check the sun to see approximately what time it was whilst I make food or run from a giant mech shark. However, my biggest downfall is that I need a lot of food to do all of the things I would have to do to survive in a jungle.

The Trek (Of Which There Are a Lot of Stars)

Surviving in the jungle is a lot harder than either of us thought it would be, but at least we weren't in a desert. One of our few accomplishments is that we don't have to argue about who gets more food, because Logan doesn't need as much food as Alizain does. The first few days were extremely hard, but as we acclimated to our environment, it became easier. The only thing we bickered about every so often was water. We managed to grab a few bottles that survived the crash, but we only had enough to last a week, if we were careful.

Extraction Point

It took about six days, but we made it out of the jungle, only to find a giant field of grass. It took about three seconds to realize that there was a helicopter on the other side of the field. When we made it, there was a rescue team. They explained that once they found out that there was a crash, they predicted the trajectory of the plane and came to look for any survivors. He told us to get on the helicopter, and we departed for 'Merica.