Cupcake Wars - Northeast Division

An amazing display of comradery, teamwork and FABULOUSNESS!

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******* First Annual Cupcake Wars !!! ******* Feb 6, 2015 ***** Northeast vs. Southeast

We gathered at the Moosic Youth Center to create, build and showcase our "Frozen" themed winter display. Throughout the day, our students created 197 of the most beautifully decorated cupcakes. K-5 students made snowflakes for the background, while 6th-12th students created and built the display, with the assistance of parents and staff. All students assisted with the icing and decorating. In the end, everyone had a fabulous time, which resulted in most incredible display, hands down!! Go Northeast!!!!
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· Cupcakes and/or decorations must be nut free and all MUST be edible

· Actual cupcakes can be baked by parents/adults, but must be decorated by students – each team will decide what members will be responsible for cupcake baking prior to event

· Staff will provide all icing needed – cupcakes will be baked prior to the event and brought to the location, where students will then begin decorating and setup

· Individual groups (Northeast or Southeast) will determine what additional accessories, tools, etc are needed for their specific display and coordinate among themselves to have that available on “War” day.

· All cupcakes must be decorated by students only – parents/adults/staff can give suggestions or guidance but may not have a hand in the actual decorating or arranging.

· Any display apparatus or props can be created, built or devised by adults/parents, etc, but when the actual display is set up with the cupcakes, it must be by the students, so the display must be student friendly.


~~The Day from Start to Finish (click below)~~

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