Chosen apps that would suit a K-12 Classroom

Wolfram Alpha App

So what is the Wolfram Alpha App?
According to its description in the itunes App Store, it is a program that is based on 25 years of development which was led by Stephen Wolfram. It is efficiently based on algorithms and data to provides results and answers for you!

How would this be effective in the classroom?
Say a student had a struggle in one of the questions that were assigned in class. By imputing the question into Wolfram, it will provide you the right answer. As a class, you could go through your students into demonstrating onto how to arrive to that answer.

WolframAlpha iOS - Find out... Anything?

The Human Body App

So what is the The Human Body App?
According to the app's description on iTunes App Store, every part in the body is animated and interactive. This ranges from the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs, and it works for those who are as little as 4 years old! It also provides fun facts and guides for interactions. What is also cool is that it allows the parts and descriptions to be provided in 50 different languages!

How would this be effective in the classroom?

As a potential future biology teacher, I would use this app to get my students to interactive with different parts of the body in which they would not be able to do physically. In Grade 11 Biology, one of the sections you learn about is parts of the human heart and how blood will pump through it. There is a part of the app that is specific for this in that it shows a labelled heart with animations! Here I could teach the students parts such as the aorta, left and right ventricles, atria, etc.

Human Body

There are so many apps out there!

TopNote Pro

So what is the TopNotes Pro App?
This is an app that is most effectively used when downloaded onto an ipad. It is an app that allows you to annotate PDF's and take down notes easily any way you would like. It is fantastic for organizing notes. As a current University student, I personally have this app and I find it a miracle on how organized my notes have become!

How would this be effective in the classroom?
As a teacher, I would use this in conjunction with the availability of iPads in the classroom to have the students take down their notes and then send them to be in the end. I can make a project on where they would all do certain parts of a poem and be asked to write it in their own words. They could compile ideas onto the iPad, and send me them through email so I could use the app myself and compile a whole class file to analyze!

Art Set

So what is the Art Set App?
This is an app that allows you to draw realistic photos with the usage of technology! You can draw whatever you like in various colors, brush strokes, at any time and any where!

How would this be effective in the classroom?
This could be used in any grade ranging from the little ones to the older ones. Little ones could practice drawing their skies, circles and triangles, while the other ones such as in high school could use it to make a sketch portfolio!

Garage Band

So what is the Garage Band App?
This is amazing app when it comes to playing different instruments on the iPad! It includes the piano, drums, guitar, while allowing you to record your voice and apply fun sounds effects.

How would this be effective in the classroom?
This is also another app that can be fun to use in the classroom! Students can make their own little tunes and record themselves and present it to the class! They can also do rap songs in a Shakespeare version for an example, or create fun songs to memorize words or provinces names!