Lil' Indians

Cambridge Elementary School

Volume VIII, Issue 4

April 30, 2019

In This Issue:

  • 4th Grade Escape Room
  • Do Kids Need Homework?
  • 3rd Grade Authors
  • Battle of the Books
  • All County Music Festival
  • 5th Grade Haiku
  • 6th Grade 3D Printing
  • 4th Grade Book Club
  • Michelle Obama
  • Abraham Lincoln

4th Grade Escape Room

By Sadie Mcmillan and Olivia Tyrer, 4th Grade

Mrs. Smith’s 4th Grade class did an escape room on the French and Indian War. First we got to come up with sweet code names, like Brownie Oasis and Lava Cake Storm! We even got to read fun facts about the French and Indian War. We were told that we were on a top secret mission to find the coordinates to get the lost weapons with the enemies closing in.

First we did a number code, like 7 equals S. When you crack it, you get the sentence, "The French and indian War started in 1754 and ended in 1763." Next, we solved a Morse Code problem that said, "This opening battle took place in 1754 on the 28th Day of May." The third clue was, "Fort Necessity was taken over by 600 french soldiers."The final clue was a number chart that said, "The Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the French and Indian War, on February 10th, 1763." When we did the subtraction, we got the coordinates we needed: 4297! That brings us to the end of our report.

Pictured below: Haile Merriman, Bayleigh Stewart, Olivia Tyrer

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Do Kids Need Homework?

By Charonne Berthiaume, 5th Grade

I believe that kids need homework to become more successful. Specifically, homework is a good way for teachers to know if the students understand a topic or if they need help understanding a topic. Reading can take kids off their screens and enjoy a good book. Also, homework can help you practice for a test so you can get a good grade.

Homework is a good way for teachers to know if the students understand a topic or if they need help understand a topic. For example, if you don't know how to tell the hidden questions in a math assignment and there are 6 problems of that on your test, you can ask you parents or teacher for help.

Reading can take kids off their screens and enjoy a good book. In addition if your teacher assigns reading for 20 or more minutes, it can get you to close the computer and go deep in a book. This is important because reading more can help you with your reading skills.

Homework can help you practice for a test so you get a good grade and be able to achieve a goal in college. For instance, my teacher gives me a review test the night before the test so you know what to expect.

With no homework students will not do well in class. I don't think everybody can remember everything they learned in class. Consequently your teacher might give you homework to refresh your memory. What would it be like if nobody ever tried their best at school ? Would they have a good enough grade to move on or would they stay in the same grade for another year?

3rd Grade Authors!

Mrs. Lathrop's class published a book with Studentreasures! It is called 3rd Grade Class Interviews. The class worked together to come up with ten questions they thought would be interesting to ask one another. Then, each student interviewed someone in the class and wrote it into an essay that is included in the book. 3rd Grade Class Interviews was also illustrated by the students and includes self-portraits and drawings of school events from this year.

Everyone is very proud of the hard work they put in on the journey to become published authors. You can see the finished product and the process the students went through at the upcoming Academic Fair:)

Pictured below: Mrs. Lathrop's class, Aidan Cannistraci with his interview

Battle of the Books

Four teams from Cambridge participated in this years' Battle of the Books competition. Competition was fierce this year as more schools participated than ever before, but the CCS third grade team won its first battle! Thank you to all the students involved, who each read ten books and met weekly all school year to prepare for the big event!

Pictured below: Georgia McEntee, Travis Yurschak, and Claire Toleman from Cambridge's 6th Grade Team; Natalie Wood, Jillian Robinson, Aksel Kohler, Addison Wilson, and Quentin Schneider from Cambridge's 3rd Grade Team with competitors from Moreau Elementary

All County Music Festival

On April 6, Cambridge Central School students performed at the Washington County Area Music Teachers’ Association All County Festival. They were chosen among the top performers in the area. Elementary students were chosen by recommendation and Junior and Senior High students were chosen through a blind audition process. The Senior High was conducted by CCS Band Director, Mrs. Smith. Congratulations to our students on an outstanding performance! The students are: Brailyn Wright, Sarah Foyle, Natalie Donders, Peyton Drew, Kennedy McLenithan, Ewan Lederer-Barnes, Daniel Wiedl, Josha Roopnarine, Madelaine Wiedl, Natalie Giordano, Jack Donders, and Jacob Haynes.

5th Grade Haiku

Big bright stars staring

down through the cold bare air. No

one noticing me.

~Jaron Barber

Dark cotton in air.

Sadness falling down on us,

keeping me inside

~Henry Dill

The rabbit's body

meets sky so freely. I try,

too. One, two, three - ouch!

~Gus Morse

This is a haiku

about another haiku.

It's ironic, right?

~Natalie Donders

The wind slapping my

face like a wave slamming the

beautiful ocean.

~Genevieve Lindeman

6th Grade 3D Printing

In library this Spring, the 6th Grade has been designing key-chains and other objects on the computer using a program called TinkerCad. Then, they send their designs over to our elementary school's new 3D printer, where a spool of plastic is melted, like a glue gun, and the object is printed in layers from the bottom up. The kids have enjoyed seeing their designs become reality!

3D printing is an exciting new tool in manufacturing, and objects such as metal toys, chocolates, full-size houses, and even human organs are being printed on 3D printers. It's wonderful that our 6th graders can learn about and utilize this exciting new technology of the future!

Pictured below: Ayla Sinsabaugh with the house she designed

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4th Grade Book Club

By: Rylinn Dobbins, 4th Grade

This year, 2019, Mrs.Smith hosted a 9th period book club for 4th graders! It was great. We got to read a book and all share our thoughts and feeling about the book.This year's book was The Zebra Wall by Kevin Hanks.

Isabella, who was a member, says,“I liked the story cause I could relate to it a lot.” Isabella has 12 siblings. Adine, the main character, had 5 siblings. They both have many siblings! Book club member Sophia says, “I like to read and to talk about the books I read!”

The last day of book club, we went on a walking field trip to Battenkill Books.The store owner gave us a $5 gift certificate to buy a book! Mrs.Smith also treated us to ice cream from Stewarts. Kira says, “ I liked how the owner communicated with us!”

Book club was great! To all you 3rd graders, I suggest you join next year!

Pictured below: Kira Mullin, Isabella Lebarron, Rylinn Dobbins, Sophia Lohret, Alex Olson, Rowan Ossant, Gabrielle Hackman, Chloe Bentley, and Eve Armand

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Michelle Obama - Famous Americans Research

By Charonne Berthiaume, 5th Grade

Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the U.S.A from 2009 to 2017. She became first lady in 2009, when her husband Barack Obama was elected to be president. Michelle was the first African-American to become first lady. She has two children, Malia and Natasha otherwise known as Sasha. Michelle went to Princeton University just like her brother Craig. Her mom’s name is Marian and her father’s name is Fraser. Michelle also wrote a book called American Grown in 2012 and it was published in 2018.

Michelle Obama was the first African American woman to become First Lady of the United States. She was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. Michelle went to public schools and earned really good grades. Her mother Marian was a stay home mom and she is a hard worker. Her dad Fraser and mom both skipped second grade. Michelle has a brother named Craig. Craig loved playing basketball and later on coached at a college level after graduating from Princeton University.

Michelle graduated from Princeton University also. She got a law degree from Harvard Law school in 1988 and also worked at a private law firm in Chicago. That is were she met Barack Obama. She worked as a summer associate for Barack. Michelle and Barack fell in love and got married in 1992. Then she worked for the mayor of Chicago until 1993. In 1993, she founded a leadership program for young adults. After that she took a job at the University of Chicago.

Michelle and Barack have two children, Malia who was born in 1998 and Sasha in 2001. Michelle helped lead a nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity. She wrote American Grown in 2012. It is a book of gardening tips and recipes to promote better eating habits. Michelle also worked to promote greater access to secondary education for girls around the world. She gave speeches in support of military families and other causes. Also to promote healthy eating, she planted a vegetable garden on the White House lawn.

In conclusion, Michelle was a worker bee, she worked very hard on everything possible. She earned really good grades growing up. She graduated from Princeton University in 1985 then got a law degree from Harvard law school in 1988. Michelle got married to Barack Obama in 1992. Then they had two children Marlia in 1998 and Natasha in 2001. She gave speeches to support military families . Also she planted a vegetable garden on the White House lawn to promote healthy eating.

Abraham Lincoln - Famous Americans Research

By Luke MacDougall, 5th Grade

The 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln, was considered to be one of the greatest leaders we ever had to our country. He led the USA to win the Civil War and stop slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was born on a farm on February 12, 1809. He was born in a one room log cabin. The first home he ever remembered was the Knob Creek farm. In 1816 the family moved to the backwoods of Southwestern Indiana. Abe was very large for his age and quickly learned how to swing an axe and once in a while he shot a turkey. Abe started school in a log schoolhouse when he was 6 years old. He really liked reading. Abe had to walk miles just to get to school. He would also walk many miles just to borrow a couple books.

The first member to the Lincoln family was Samuel Lincoln who was a weaver’s apprentice in Hingham, England. Next Abraham's father, Thomas Lincoln, was born in 1778. In 1806 Thomas married Nancy Hanks. Their first child was Sarah. Thomas worked on their farm a lot so when Abraham was growing up he helped his father. Abe in later years became a lawyer. Lincoln also clerked part time at the Gentry’s store. In 1847 Lincoln went to Washington D.C., as a representative from Illinois. For about 5 years Lincoln took part in politics. Lincoln also worked on the railroad. Lincoln became president and led us to win the Civil War. Lincoln also had a strong disliking for slaves and in later years changed the law so no one could own slaves. Lincoln is considered to some people to be the greatest president of all time.

Lincoln had a very big impact to our country. He helped America be a better country in a lot of ways. He was the 16th president. In the time he was president he stopped slavery and helped us win the Civil War. He also gave the Gettysburg Address which was a speech he gave on November 19, 1863 on the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. When he was a child he was very smart and always wanted to help other people. Once he got a little older he clerked. There is a popular story that one time Abe was handing a lady back her change and forgot to give her a couple cents. So the next day Abe walked a couple miles just to give her back her change.

In conclusion Abraham Lincoln helped our country in a lot of ways and helped us to be a better country. Some of his greatest accomplishments are stopping slavery, giving the Gettysburg Address, and helping us win the Civil War.