Thrive Chiropractic

August 2014

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I love seeing what the body is capable of once a clear brain-body connection and proper spinal motion and alignment are restored. Over the years not only have I experienced major shifts but I have had the opportunity to witness some awesome changes regarding health and performance once people begin to get adjusted. Things like improved energy levels, better sleep, pain and symptoms disappearing, increased immunity, better workouts, feeling more clear headed, greater flexibility, digestive troubles clearing up, and more...

I want to be clear that chiropractic is not a treatment for any specific disease or condition. However, by restoring a bodily requirement (proper spinal alignment and motion) chiropractic gives the body a greater chance to work and heal the way it is designed to.

Seeing these positive changes in people's lives is exciting and inspiring. So is thinking about the many problems that aren't given a chance to develop because people are regularly taking care of their spines and nerve systems with maintenance care, wellness care.

August Open Adjusting Hours

Mon and Wed 8 AM-12PM

Tue and Th 2-6 PM

Sat 10 AM-12 PM

***The office will be closed Saturday August 23rd***