Laos migration to Minnesota

By Hanna Rasmussen

Push/Pull factors


  • Minnesota is considered to be the most important settlement are to a Hmong person
  • There is good financial support groups in the St.Paul area
  • They have good college programs and scholarships for them in the Minneapolis are colleges

  • They have a significantly less amount of job opportunities
  • It is very crowded where they live

Ravenstein's laws of migration

These laws pertain to these travelers because;
  • most of them travel a long distance and settle in urban areas,
  • they migrate in steps,
  • go from rural to urban
  • Most travel between the ages of 20 - 30

Location and jobs

The Hmong people live mostly in big cities like Minneapolis and St.Paul. They will pick up almost any job that is available to them at the time.


The Hmong people have a hard time moving to Minnesota and getting accustomed to the United States traditions, they also have a hard time learning English, and balancing American culture and their own.