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Academic & Career Planning Newsletter Volume 3

This is the place to view highlights of Academic & Career Planning in the Sheboygan Area School District. ALL students grades 6-12 are navigating the SASD ACP process. Each month we focus on a different theme of ACP. Please join in our excitement as we prepare ALL future graduates for the next step in their self-defined career pathway.
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Volume 3: Course Selection Process

Course selection is an integral part of each student's ACP process. Aside from the choice to take band or orchestra in fifth grade, the first time students are faced with the choice of elective courses is in sixth grade. Each year from sixth grade until twelfth grade, the number of elective options tends to increase. For many students, the decision-making about what courses to take can be confusing or intimidating. SASD provides support throughout our ACP process to help make course selection more strategic. We advise students to choose their electives based on their goals, both short and long-term, as well as their evolving interests and skill sets. We hope to avoid the scenario where students are influenced solely by the decisions of their friends.

Beyond the state-mandated coursework required for graduation, electives can be somewhat limited. We encourage all students to think carefully about each choice so that all SASD graduates earn their diploma by design, not default.

High School Course Selection Process

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High School students and current 8th grade students are currently working on their course selection process for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year. Throughout the month of January all current high school students review course offerings and have been encouraged to read course descriptions in Career Cruising in order to plan for next year.

High School counselors are meeting with students in their classrooms to provide group instruction on how to select courses. Below is a sample from Career Cruising. Sit down with your son or daughter and log in to Career Cruising to see exactly what it looks like for you child.

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New High School Courses for 2019-20

INCubatoredu: This course in entrepreneurship allows student to create and develop their own product or service startup in an attempt to gain investment funds from real investors. Students work in teams and are advised by community business coaches through a lean business model.

The following three courses are part of College Here and Now (IT/Web Development Pathway)

Programming 1 & 2: Year-long entry level course in the pathway that introduces students to the concept of programming. Successful completion equals four college credits through LTC.

Web Development Programming: Semester course that introduces students to web design. Successful completion equals three college credits through LTC.

Introduction to Database Design and Development: Semester course taught by an LTC instructor that introduces students to databases and how they can be integrated with web applications. Successful completion equals three college credits through LTC.

Middle School Course Selection Process

SASD middle school counselors make classroom visits to walk students through their choices. Sixth grade students are primarily choosing what type of Music course to take. Seventh and eighth grade students have a few more options such as World Languages, Family Ed., Business Ed., Project Lead the Way (Engineering), and Art.

Students receive a form from their counselor with course descriptions, which they bring home to parents. Completed forms are to be returned to school within the first part of February.

Middle school students should be making decisions based on what they know about their own interests and evolving skill sets. Activities that have been completed in Career Cruising may prove useful in guiding the decision. Parents, please have these conversations with your son or daughter.

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INSPIRE Sheboygan County: Connecting Courses to Work Experiences

Did you know some work experiences require students to be enrolled in a related course? Don't miss out on having a PAID work experience next year such as a youth co-op or youth apprenticeship because you don't have the right courses. Talk with your counselor about what counts as a related course. Another logical step would be to explore the areas in which you can do work experiences...What types of classes relate to the work you'd like to do? Interested in manufacturing? Check out the Red Raider Manufacturing courses. Thinking about Healthcare? Have you tried coursework in science or health occupations? Explore youth co-op opportunities HERE and keep your future career path in mind when you select your courses for next year. Below is a shortened list of career experience days in the next few weeks to help you explore!

Feb. 1 - Sargento, Plymouth - 8:30 a.m --11:30 a.m., SENIORS ONLY

Feb. 8 - Sargento, Kiel - 8:30 a.m --11:30 a.m., SENIORS ONLY

Feb. 13 - Old Wisconsin Sausage - Before noon, Time TBD

Feb. 19 - Blue Harbor - 1:00 p.m. -- 4:00 p.m

Feb. 19 - Prairie States - 9:00 a.m. -- 12:00 p.m., max 4 students

Feb. 22 - Sargento, Kiel - SENIORS ONLY

Feb. 28 - Kohler Company - 1:00 p.m. -- 4:00 p.m.

You can always see the full, continually updated list of career experience days HERE

To register for one of these events or any of our other activities, connect to the form HERE

What is INSPIRE Sheboygan County?

INSPIRE Sheboygan County helps your student achieve his/her career goals by bridging the gap between classwork and the work world. INSPIRE creates a way for students and job-seekers to actively interact with area employers and career coaches. By encouraging your child to take advantage of the tools, you can help them discover the career path that is right for them and to attain their career goals. Go here with your high school-aged child to view and make a request from the many activities offered by our local employers.

Bonus Video!

In what order did you choose your major, college, and career? Watch this video and reflect on the order in which our students should think about these three significant life choices.
Flipping The College Decision