Flip Your Classroom

Big tip...start small!

What does Flipped Learning actually mean?

Flipping the Classroom: Explained

Let's boil it down...

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Big tip...start small & embrace the mistakes!

Ultimately Flipped Learning can feel really daunting. I was so overwhelmed as ISTE this summer. But the presenters I was most inspired by said exactly that...start SMALL.

  • choose a subject you feel comfortable with
  • choose a specific skill/lesson in that subject
  • don't get caught up in thinking you have to "flip" everything
  • you choose what is "flip-able" (ie: what can meaningfully be flipped)
  • your daily lessons are not perfect, your videos wont be perfect and that's OK
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Flipping 5th

  • thought there was great value in flipping how content was delivered
  • lectures can be watched at home
  • student can come in with questions
  • in class students can work whole group and in small groups to move through practice
  • teacher can facilitate work and clear up misconceptions on the spot rather than forcing them to fend for themselves at home after an in-school lesson

Flipping in action...mimics what you probably already do before an in class lesson

  • know your audience - videos should be 1-2 minutes for every grade level
  • determine what skills/concepts you want your kids to take away
  • "script" your lecture
  • model
  • guided practice
  • independent practice
Decimal Division by Powers of 10


Let's play around with Touchcast

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  • how to create whiteboard slides
  • how to record voice over whiteboard
  • how to record video


Various ways you can share with students
1. Non-interactive
  • YouTube
  • e-mail home
  • zip-drives
  • publish to website

2. Interactive

  • Touchcast
  • EdPuzzle


1. video sent home as homework
  • whole group review of video, independent practice
  • whole group review of video, application of skills in centers

2. video used as a center in class

  • students who need extra help get small group lesson from teacher rather than through video
  • student2 who need enrichment can watch lecture in class and move on to practice

Try it on your own

Choose a skill you'd like to try to flip
  • script your content; spoken words and written content
  • play around in Touchcast
  • make mistakes
  • I'll be around to help out

Valuable Resources

Flipped Classroom Web Series - Edutopia

AWESOME web series by Edutopia. The "founders of flipped learning" explain the various stages of flipping your classroom

Flipped Learning Network

Website of resources compiled by the guys considered the "founders of flipped learning"