CASH Fifth Grade

Veterans Day

Last week, after assessing students' background knowledge of Veterans Day, we watched two short video clips to learn more about the day. After discussing what we had learned, students completed "exit tickets" about Veterans Day.

However, what the students really enjoyed was visiting with the veterans who came to chapel last Wednesday. Anna's dad, Rainier's dad, and Grant's grandfather were in attendance. Our sweet fifth graders shook their hands and thanked each of these men for their service.

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Not to Brag. . .

Speaking of these sweet students, I want to share with you how mindful the students are of other people's needs in our classroom prayers. A high school senior from my congregation has experienced health issues for the past few months with no real diagnosis. The students are faithful to ask about him and pray for him each day. They also pray for Parker, a four year old friend of Anna's family, that is dealing with cancer.

The students also do a wonderful job of recognizing our chapel speakers each week by personally thanking them and shaking their hand.

I love this class!