Book Burning

What we did to help

About Book Burning

Students across Germany had a series of Book Burning.After 40,000 people gathered around to hear a speech from Joseph Goebbels the propaganda minister.Books burned that were published by Berlin,Einstein,Freud,Mann and Remarque and many others that were Jews.
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The Nazis passed their first law in anti-Jewish law on April 7.It was a law where the Jews couldn't work or anything and they all got fired for this law.The Book Burning was an act that led up to the war.

What it caused for the Jews?

Book Burning was one of the many symbols for the Nazis.Also A lot of books were banned from Public Libraries because of The Book Burning.It caused many Jews suffering with their families like lack of money.

How did America act to this?

We took Jews to protect them from the Nazis attacking them.100,000 marched for 360 minutes to protest against what Germany is doing to these innocent people.It went all across America and we made photo book of all the authors that books got burned.

Braden Payne

Period 5


March 6,2015