2016-2017 Burns Media Center

What happened this year....

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Events This Year


We competed against the other middle schools in a virtual book battle. We came in 2nd place in the county!

We also participated in the county SLAM Showcase. I brought 8 students to the convention center for a great day celebrating literacy.

Copper Sun Book Club

36 8th graders read Copper Sun and came to the breakfast. A great book to go along with what they learned in history!
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Million Word Readers

We had 61 students who read over 1 million words this year! Many read over 4 million!
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10 Book Reading Challenges

Over 40 students and 2 teachers did the Fall and Spring 10 Book Reading Challenges! They earned lots of fun prizes and ice cream!
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Poetry Jam!

4 students attended the poetry jam with Wally B and learned about writing interesting poetry and the spoken word!
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Author Visit

4 students attended the author visit with Jeff Strand and learned what it takes to become a professional writer!
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Book Fairs

We held 2 book fairs and made over $5400 to spend on books for the media center.
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S.J. Kincaid Visit

Over 60 students got to attend an author visit by S.J. Kincaid, author of Insignia. They received signed copies of the book, and some students even attended lunch with the author.
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What we learned?

Almost every student in the school used the library databases for research in their language arts classes.

Over half of the students learned how to use Office 365!

Students also learned Prezi and Smore.

I collaborated with over 20 teachers on lessons (many more than once)

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I did 20 sessions of testing in the media center (meaning we were closed for at least half a day on those days), and we still managed to do all of the above!

(The picture below was during the Geometry EOC when we had the power outage.

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