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Job Description

Someone who is a neurologist can work in a hospital, in a clinic, or in a university to treat patients, or they can work at a university conducting research and teaching students. Neurologists are trained to treat neurological disorders, which can range from migraines to strokes, and they are trained to treat brain injuries and epilepsy.

Education Required

To become a neurologist, you are required to go to a four year college, and then attend four years of medical school after you graduate. It is recommended that when you are in college, you major in a science such as chemistry or biology so you will become familiar with medical terminology. After you graduate from medical school, you will spend one year in an internship, which is followed by a three year residency program. In all, it takes twelve years to become a neurologist.

Colleges that Offer Degree

The top three colleges that offer Neurology are:

  1. Harvard Medical School
  2. UCSF School of Medicine
  3. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Average Salary

As of 2012, neurologists of the world are being payed very well, with an average income of $217,000. Varying from person to person, about 20% of neurologists in 2012 earned $300,000 or more, while 15% earn $100,000 or less.
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Expected Growth

As one of the best paying jobs in the medical industry, the outlook on the future of neurologists is very bright. Employment opportunities are expected to increase by 18% from 2012 to 2022.
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