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Police officers

Although some feel that police jobs are easy, they are not because officers risk their lives for civilians. This act makes police officers heroic. A Deputy Sheriff from the Orange County Sheriff's Department shared his experiences. When asked about law enforcement he said, “Think carefully about what you want out of your career. This field is difficult on mental, emotional, and physical levels” (Anonymous Officer). The officer clearly states that this job is not easy. Knowing that his job is difficult, he still performs his duties every day. Knowing all the dangers that come with the job and still holding this position make this officer valiant. The officer also shared how he handles difficult challenges on the job: Yes. I take a breath and rely on my most basic forms of training. The truth is that you cannot predict and prevent everything, and you can only be as prepared as you are trained to be” (Anonymous Officer). Most people do not like unpredictable outcomes where they don’t know what will happen. Some people would give up when faced with such danger, pressure, and fear. But, this officer trains to cope with unpredictable outcome to help people, which is heroic. He also risks his life to save others. He puts the lives of the civilians first. When asked thought of others he says, ”But, you also have to weigh out the fact that people may have prejudgments about you based on your uniform, and you face dangers when you encounter people who want to break the law or hurt you or others But they will not like you when they see you” (Anonymous Officer). The officer is heroic because with hatred and opposition from civilians, the officer finds it in his heart to help the same people who hate him. Some may feel that police jobs are easy, they are not because officers risk their lives for civilians. People should appreciate police officers, as there job is to protect and serve the country

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Interview with an Officer from OCSO


Police officers are hurt everyday trying to save lives of civilians. Many get injured or worse. Although they should be appreciated, they are not. Many people are against police officers. Even though people hate them, they do their job of protecting those people. The police officers should be appreciated because they risk their lives for everyone.


Police officers basically put their lives on the line for our own safety. Not everyone wants to do that but the men and women that are cops do it out of desire for the safety of others. Men and women in law enforcement can get to a point where the job affects them mentally and physically. Enduring this type of mental and physical hurt is hard for anyone but they go to school to do this and have our societies safe.


Police officers have been around for a long time, to train they go to the police academy to go through various stages to become the best police officer in the street. They go through all situations possible that might occur when they are on duty. And then they use techniques taught by other police officers in the academy.

picture of middletown police officers in 1772