Chinese Railway Workers


17 000 Chinese labourers came to Canada to help construct the railway, therefore they were a big contribution to the Canadian Pacific Railway. They had to complete the difficult tasks, weren't given supplies to survive, and were only paid $1 a day. White workers were given supplies, completed easier tasks, and still got paid more then the Chinese workers. Even though 17 000 Chinese workers came, many still died from diseases, lack of medicine and lack of fruits and vegetables.


The Chinese Workers were the workers that came from China to help the Canadian Government build The Canadian Pacific Railway. They did most of the work on the railway, but weren't treated equally compared to white workers. The Chinese agreed to come to Canada for a job to earn money for themselves and to send the money to their family too. Since they came during the gold rush, they were hoping to be able to find gold for themselves.


Since the Chinese came from China, an area with the weather that's warm and moderate, they weren't expecting the cold, harsh winter in Canada. They didn't pack heavily, since there wasn't much room on the boat, and because they weren't told about the weather conditions. Many workers died because the temperature was easier for people to get colds, especially without medicine.
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