Yellow Star

By: Jennifer Roy


"The Russian hands each child a bar of chocolate. I have never had chocolate before in my whole life."
"This gripping and very readable narrative, filled with the astute observations of a young child, brings to life the Jewish ghetto experience in a unique and memorable way. This book is a standout in the genre of Holocaust literature." --Susan Scheps, Shaker Heights Public Library, OH


This book is about a Jewish girls experiences during the second world war. Her name is Sylvia, and she lives in Lodz, Poland. Her and her entire family are evacuated from their home and put into a ghetto.There they live among thousands of Jews. Sylvia is very young and is unable to work. Her family brings her food. When the Nazis try to rid the ghetto of children her and a few others narrowly escape. She is forced inside all the time and is lonely. Then the Nazis remove all people who are very weak and unable to work, they are sent do concentration camps. Sylvia's family stays. The Soviets come and release them from the ghetto after 6 years. Only 12 children survived and Sylvia was one of them.