The Giver

By: Lois Lowry // Flyer By: Jada Fletcher


In The Giver, the characters live in a community which differs from many other communities. This community is greatly regulated, controlled, and made essentially "perfect" by a group of elders which oversee everything that occurs within it. Some conditions that are regulated by the Elders include being assigned to family units, having to use precise language, and being appointed to a career at the age of 12. Every year, children in this community attend a ceremony to commemorate them aging and taking on new responsibilities as they become closer to adulthood. After the adults are no longer able to work, they are sent to the House of the Old, and are later "released to Elsewhere".

Main Character

  • Jonas is a eleven-year-old boy living in the community that realizes that he isn't like the others. At the Ceremony of Twelves, he was selected to be the Receiver of Memory. After receiving memories, he begins to want change within the community and eventually leaves, bringing Gabriel along with him.

Other Characters

The Giver
  • The Giver is a very wise person that holds many memories in which he shares with the Receiver.


  • Gabriel is the newchild which Jonas' father was assigned to at the Nurturing Center. Jonas notices that Gabriel is different like him, and protects Gabe from release by escaping with him


  • Asher is Jonas' best friend that is assigned as Assistant Director of Recreation


"Memories are forever"

Teacher-like Questions

  • What is Jonas' fate after leaving the community?
  • What message/theme is the book conveying?
  • What is the book's message of individuality?

Overall Rating

  • Likes

I enjoyed the story line and characters within the Giver

  • Dislikes

The plot was boring at certain times.