Survival Guide 4 Drankensberg Mtn.

By: Austin Hamff

The Crash

My plane crashed into drankensberg Mtn the climate is temperate it's also warm and humid with temps that range from 83-92F. The geography is though and rocky and slick.

4 Steps for Survival

1st get fuel from the wing of the plane,tear three pieces of seat and look for a flare gun in the cockpit. 2nd find clothing that meet the temp range. 3rd find shelter and make a fire with the fuel and the seats.4th if you see a village/city fire the flare and first responders will find you.

The Wildlife

The Mtn and lake is home to hipos,zebras,and Black Backed Jackals.Hipos are cute but are very territorial and aggressive.

The plants

This home to the meat eater and the cherry tree and wild wine grape vines. The cherry tree and the grape vine are edible.If you cut the grape vine you can drink the water like sap.
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