Hankins Highlights

Week of December 7 - December 11

Upcoming Events

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December 7 - December 11 -- Holiday Shop Open

December 9 - December 16 -- Holidays Around the World

December 19 - January 6 -- Winter Break

This Week's Learning

Math: We will focus on data collection, representing data and graphing. Students will create their own survey and give it to the class. They will then represent the data with pictures, or graphs.

Reading: We are returning to beginning, middle and end this week. Students should be familiar with this concept. The beginning of the story is where the characters are introduced, middle is where the problem occurs and the end is the solution. This will be our reading focus through winter break. Please talk to your child about the stories they are reading and ask them to identify the beginning, middle and end. Even though our focus isn't on predicting or character traits, talking to your child about those elements will help improve his/her comprehension.

Content: This week we will continue our diversity unit. We will discuss what diversity means and identify customs, traditions and beliefs of various groups of people. We will also discuss that even though we are different each person has a role in government (ie. voting). Students will also participate in Holidays Around the World. Each first grade teacher will decorate their room like a country and we will talk to students about the holidays that are celebrated there. Room 11 will be Israel and we will discuss Hanukkah. Students will rotate each afternoon to another country and learn about their customs.

Volunteers Welcome!

If anyone would like to come in and volunteer for Holidays Around the World we would love to have you. If you are interested please contact me and I can give you more information.