By, Nick Keilson


The government of Thailand uses a parliamentary system. They stand at a constitutional monarchy. The monarch being the Prime Minister who holds the power in the government.

The government is formally called the RTG (Royal Thai Government). There leader of this government is currently the first female prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra. She holds the power in the government but since the monarch is constitutional her power is controlled. She cannot do anything that breaks Thailand's constitution.


The newly developed countries economy is very export dependent. The country is in fairly wealthy with a GDP 11. 375 trillion TBH. The currency Thai baht. The GDP of Thailand is equivalent to 366 billion us dollars. Also the strong economy plays a major factor on the development of Thailand.

Traditional food and clothing

Thailand is well known for their fine cuisine. There food comes from mixtures of ingredients from all around southeast Asia. they use all sorts of exotic ingredients like, lemon grass, basil, mint leaves, garlic, coconut milk, chilies, and fish sauce. In Thailand the traditional clothing is only worn on holidays or special occasions. On a normal day the men wear suits to work, the women where pajamas at home, and the kids where uniforms to school. The traditional clothing worn on holidays is made of silky fabric. The women where gorgeous flowing dresses and the men wear colorful silky button down shirts and silky pants. Also the men's hats look like they have feathers of a peacock's sticking out the side.


The people of Thailand migrated from southwestern China to Thailand over a period of many centuries. The last they recorded these people in china was 12th century AD. The people in this country formed a kingdom called Sukhothai which was the name of the Portuguese ruler at the time. The kingdom was named this because a Portuguese exploration called Malacca discovered Thailand in 1455. Eventually the Portuguese left because they found no gold and Thailand slowly developed into its own country.


Thailand covers 514,000 square kilometers, of southeast Asia. It is a very green place with mountains, and a lot of coastline, approximately 2,420 kilometers just in the gulf of Thailand. Thailand also has many rivers and is a very wet place, it is a good place for rural villages because there are a ton of water sources. Thailand is normally divided into four major geographical regions. The central region is considered the rice the fertile soil is where they grow and harvest there crops. The northern region is mountainous and very heavily forested. The north-eastern region also called Isarn takes up a third of the country mountainous as well but less forest. A third of the population lives in this region. The southern region is the southern peninsula, and this region has the most rain fall. This is where most of the shoreline is.