Shark Project

Lauren Broussard


  1. first dorsal fin
  2. second dorsal fin
  3. caudal fin
  4. pelvic fin
  5. gill slits
  6. snout
  7. claspers fin
  8. pectoral fin
  9. lateral line

organs explanations

Gallbladder- part that is connected to the liver is also green

Heart- pumps blood to main veins to go through body

Kidney- are flattened, darkly colored structures lying dorsally on each side of the midline

Liver- is rich in oil that stores energy for the shark

Pancreas- located on duodenum and on the lower stomach

Small intestine-bile is sent into the duodenum

Large intestine-broken down even more in the l.i.

Stomach-"j" shaped, holds food, and breaks the food down

Esophagus- big tube that helps food make its way down to the stomach

Rectum- holds the extra waste from the broken down food

Claspers- grooved copulatory organ

Lateral line- horizontal line across the body, is a lighter shade than the other skin,

Gills- helps the animal breathe underwater

Classification(kpcofgs) kingdom: animalia, phylum: chordata, subphylum: vertebrata, class: chondrichtyes, order: squaliforme, family: squalidae, genus: squalus, species: acanthias

Life Span of a Spiny Dogfish Shark

Their life span can range from 25-100 year.

their habitat

found in cold and warm temperate/subtropic latitudes of the north atlantic and north pacific oceans. even been found in the black sea and the mediterranean sea.