By Gianmarco


A wound/injury that has a cut in the skin.

An opened wound has blood coming out of the skin.

A closed wound is when the tissue is broken, but the skin is not which will cause a bruise.

How is bleeding caused?

Bleeding is caused when an object cuts or bruises your skin

A closed wound is caused by a little force which will cause a bruise.

An opened wound is caused when a strong physical force cuts your skin and the blood pours out.

First Aid Procedures

Minor Closed Wounds - If the wound is closed put an ice pack on it for 18-22 minutes

Minor Open Wounds - If the wound is open and blood is pouring out, then wash it up, put an antibiotic ointment and cover it with a bandage.

Major Opened Wounds - If the wound is majorly opened, then cover it up with anything that is close like a shirt or jacket to slow down the blood and call 911

Signs and or Symptoms

Signs of bleeding are blood dripping from a sharp object or a living creature harming the person and you see bruises

Symptoms are when the person says they were hurt by something