Russian Highlights

By: Riley S.

Siberean lakes

Katey Walter Mnhony went to Siberia as a high school exchange student. She is studding about how climate change effects the area. The scientists are worried about the global warming is causing the permafrost to melt and reseal a green house gas called methane in the the air. They think it will make an increase in temperatures in the world. For Katey to check for methane fast she will poke a hole in the ice the light a mach if a flame comes up there's methane there.

Asian land scapes

At one time the two Aral seas where huge and booming with activity. But scene the farmers next to the Aral seas took a lot of the rivers and used them for growing crops it devastated both of the Aral seas. Now that both of the Aral seas all most dried up the the pesticides are threatening the living condition of human and animal life. Most parts of the Aral seas are simaiad or avid which means little or no rain fall. Now the central Asia's temperature has huge spread of avid conditions due to the smaller lakes.


Chernobyl sounds like a little town with no history but it has a big history! A nuclear reactor power plant in Chernobyl exploded on April 26, 1996. After the devastating explosion at 1:00am a radioactive cloud went up 3,280 feet in the air and spread rapidly all over Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The fallout also carried into the man parts of northern and central Europe. Still after it half life which is 30 years after the explosion. It made it hard for every one to return and live because every thing got contaminated the grass, cows ate, mettle, and many other things.