Finding Food

What to Eat in the Wilderness

Find Food

When finding food don't go too far into the jungle as you never know what might be in there, Food can be hard to find on a deserted island. Begin with fish, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and it helps to reduce blood pressure, better healthy brain function and decrease chances of heart disease; they are also rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium and a many minerals. Coconut is also very healthy, rich in protein, vitamins A, B, C and several minerals. It also works to destroy parasites, strengthen the muscle tissue and its oil can be used to heal cuts.


Water is essential. Try to find something to put the water in and boil it over a fire to remove any germs.

All grasses are edible. You can chew the leaves and drink the juices but you need to be sure to spit out the fibers that are un-digestible. On the base of the leaves is where the root meets is a small white part of the stem structure, called the root corm. It can be roasted and eaten like a potato.
No matter which season it is, there are always edible parts on the cattail plant that you can eat. The roots, shoots, and pollen heads can be eaten.
All acorns, the nuts produced by oak trees provide an excellent source of protein, fats, and calories. The acorns can be placed in a net bag in a stream for a day or put into several changes of boiling water to extract the tannins. White oaks have the least amount of tannins and therefore the best flavor.


Ants, grubs, and grasshoppers can be eaten. A good way to get over a fear of eating bugs is to put them into a stew with other ingredients over a fire.
All freshwater fish in North America are edible. In a survival situation, fish can be caught using a sharpened stick as a fish spear. For small minnows, a t-shirt can be used as a fish net. If in a tropical island be care and cautious on what type of fish you eat.
All birds are also edible. You can catch them through using a throwing stick, though it can be very difficult if you have not practiced these trapping/hunting. In the spring, bird eggs are a good survival food.