Hitler's Secert

By William Osborne


Two teens, one girl, one mission. Otto and Leni are escapy form Germany, and now live in England. Now send back as spies for Great Britain. Traveling all over Germany to bring a girl to her familey. Who she hasn't seen in over five years. Just to find a nine-year old girl named Angelike, from a camp. Otto and Leni have to go thought great oppsticals to get there and back. Will they make it? Is Leni and Otto there real names? Will they safly get the girl back to her familey? Even if her dad is chasing them to get her back?

Historical Notes

Eight characters in this book are real. The big one is Hitler, Winston Churchill, Rudolf Hess, Operation Barbarossa, Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich, Ludwig Straniak, and Heinrich Müller. The rest of the characters are fake. Leni and Otto are made-up. But there were kids who where split up from there families and were sent to England during the war. Manly because of the lost of there homes and family. There are no records of Angelike being Hitler's daughter, or he had kids at all.

All the cities and towns they go to are very real.


The theme of Hitler's Secert is teamwork. Otto and Leni had to work together to be able to get Angelike to her parents. They needed to understand each other and there mission to get there job done. Also the Nazis needed to work together to stop the teens.