Sophie Barricelli

heart belongs to New York

Yankee Moves Down South

Wow. Even after a week I still cannot believe I finally made it here. One long, cold, lonely semester in Kelowna, British Columbia was definitely worth the next four years in sunny Charleston. When I first saw the campus my junior year, I knew this was the place for me. I cried like a baby when I found out I was accepted. When I first saw iCharleston, I had no idea the magnitude of what that experience would mean. I spent 4 long months in a very desolate part of Canada, with few friends and the heavy emotional burden of leaving my boyfriend back in New York. I endured the long semester and could not be happier to be in such a beautiful place. I am very excited to take this course, as a Studio Art major I pretty much can't get enough of the stuff. I am a very passionate, funny and outgoing girl. I love music, PHOTOGRAPHY, dancing or just driving around in Ryan's pickup on a nice day.