Help stop childhood cancer

What it can prevent

Cancer can make you to die and what makes you die is that it it starts at one place then it goes all around the body

How we can stop the childhood cancer


By starting yourself you should not do drugs because then you make people to want to by it and they might get cancer. So help me change the world by starting with you. Also people should not drink because your life might be ruined.
Gifted Child Fighting Cancer On The Today Show
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Cancer is very bad for YOU!!

Cancer is very bad for you, bad for you, bad for you.

Cancer is very bad for you so take care of your self.

It can really perish you, perish you, perish you.

It can really perish you and you'll be on the floor.

Your hair might not grow anymore, anymore, anymore.

Your hair will not grow anymore and you will be so sad.

So be so helpful to childhood cancer,childhood cancer, childhood cancer.

So be helpful to childhood cancer and please don't let them die.

So take care of the childhood cancer, childhood cancer, childhood cancer.

So take care of the childhood cancer or you will have to survive