Two brilliant games

All completely free

These games will be avalible to play on tuseday the 23/4/13

This game that is in the picture is a shooting game that is one of my most favourite types of games to play.As soon as i launch theese game i hope you will download kodu game lab on your pc or you could download it on your xbox .

All games free

Alien invasion !!!!!

The enemys have taken over my world please play game and help me defeat them all were under attak !!

More infomation

these games were created on kodu game lab .Kudo game lab is an amazing thing to play its free! But playing my games will be a whole new eperiance in my game u can teloport and fight against enemy kudos you will love it will be better than any other game in the world so please try and play my games once i have launched them thankyou :)

My game launch

Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 10am

Valley Gardens

Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

on tuseday i will be lanching my new games for kodu game lab