Coach's Corner

August 24th, 2018


Spotlight of the Week: Connecting Parents to Your Classroom

From Conscious Discipline...

Teachers have long recognized the need to involve the parents of their children in school life. With all the challenges that people face today the question has always been how could this ever be done with “my parents”? Conscious Discipline preschool teacher Kim Jackson shares her journey of letting her judgments go to fully connect with the parents of her students and the powerful experience that results.

How Can You Connect Parents Into Your School Family? A Preschool Teacher Shows The Way

The Visual Cue Strategy

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Documentation and Record Keeping

YouTube Curriculum Connection for your SmartBoard or Hatch

Kids Body Parts Song | This is ME! | Preschool and Kindergarten | ELF Learning

Differentiating Fine Motor for "The Kissing Hand"

Option 1: Painting a picture of your family (different size brushes and papers)

Option 2: Draw a picture of your family (different thin markers and crayons)

Option 3: Make a bracelet for your mom or dad. (different bead sizes)

IDEA TRACKER: Classroom Action Plan

Classroom Action Plan

Do you and your co-teachers have an action plan in place so that you know who is doing what throughout the day? Make time for your "to do" list. It makes a difference in how your day goes.

Please see your supervisor for this document as you begin to plan for roles in the classroom.

ECP Link (Plans and InKind)