Mobile Apps in the Classroom

apps to use in biology class

Study Blue

This app allows the user to create their own flash cards or they can look at other flash cards that users have made and then they can view them on their mobile device. As a teacher you could create flash cards for students so they know exactly what you want them to study.
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Virtual Cell Animations app

This app has a variety of visual aid tools that help enhance the learning of several cell processes including meiosis, mitosis, and photosynthesis, all of which are apart of the high school biology curriculum. After a teacher explains these concepts the students can explore them on this app to gain a better understanding.
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HudsonAlpha iCell

This app shows the differences between different cell types. It even has them displayed in virtual 3D models. It has a variety of information about the cells and you can zoom in on certain parts to learn more about them. Students can explore the app after the teacher has gone over the concepts in class so the students can get a better visual aid compared to looking at a cross section of a cell in a microscope.
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Gene Screen

This app provides information on genetics and how genetic diseases can be inherited. It provides visual aids to help with understanding. After learning about inheritance students can explore themselves how the genetic diseases are inherited from one generation to the next.
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Punnett Square

This app provides a blank punnett square that the user can fill in. This app will save time implementing each cross and will help with understanding what happens to traits in each generational cross. After learning how to do a punnet square on paper students can then use this app to check their answers and to create the squares faster when calculating more complicated crosses.
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