Titan Talk

Henry M Gunn High School

September 28, 2020: Vol 4 Issue 6

Upcoming Events

Gunn Together: Period 2: Counselor Presentations- Students will report to their Period 2 class for Gunn Together on Wednesday at 11:05. Virtual grade level counselor meetings.

Notable Dates:

October 9, 2020, End of First Quarter.

November 6, 2020, The second progress/warning notice period ends. Deadline for dropping a class and not having it appear on a transcript.

Gunn Counseling

Gunn Counseling Parent Nights

Our annual parent nights are here! The webinar links are provided here.

11th Grade Parent Night – 9/30, 6:15-7:15 pm

12th Grade Parent Night – 9/30, 7:30-8:30 pm

In case you missed the 9th and 10th-grade presentations, here are the links to the presentations.

9th Grade Slide show from Parent Night (Unfortunately the 9th-grade video is unavailable)

10 Parent Night Video

Counseling Quarterly Newsletters

Newsletters were sent out this past week. If you missed them, here are the links for each grade level.





Support for Gunn Families

If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, please let your Gunn student's counselor know. If you are struggling to pay for college application fees or other college-related costs, please contact Linda Kirsch at lkirsch@pausd.org and Leighton Lang at llang@pausd.org. This is a very challenging time for some Gunn families, and the PTSA would like you to know that our community is here for you! We are all in this together and together we will make it through.

CSU Application Workshop October 8 @ 11:40 am. Hosted by an Admissions rep from San Jose State University.

- Gunn’s Counseling Department

SELF (Social Emotional Learning and Functionality)

Even with everyone's best efforts and intentions, it proved quite challenging in the end to make it through all of the small group and individual check-ins over the course of two SELF sessions due to the new online format and stricter time constraints. Accordingly, next week will either be a teambuilding activity for SELF classes (if check-ins were completed), or a third week of check-ins to allow mentors to finish talking with students in their cohorts. One small benefit of this period of continual reinvention and recalibration is having the opportunity to learn a lot about what works in this new environment, what could work better, and how we can maximize the impact of our interactions in the time we have available. We're genuinely grateful to all the staff and students who have proven so willing to be so adaptable, innovative and open to trying new things.

The Wellness Center:

Gunn Wellness Center

This week please check out our new Wellness Website! Our team has been working hard on reorganizing the site and adding more information that is easily accessible. Click here to be taken to the new site and take a look around. Maybe meet our team this year, get some more info about our partners on campus, or look up links to necessary crisis and mental health resources.

Coming Soon

September 28 7:00 p.m. Caring Presence- Supporting Our Children in Their Grief

Caring Presence- Supporting Our Children in Their Grief

While Gunn teachers, staff, and students have been heroically working to make remote learning a success, students are also mourning the school experience they expected to have. In this educational talk, Jaymie Byron of KARA will help parents look at grief in the social context, understand how to recognize symptoms of grief, and develop a compassionate presence to sit with our student's grief and tools to support them. The conversation will be about an hour with 15 minutes for questions afterward.

Jaymie Byron is the Director of Community Outreach and Crisis Response for KARA. As a nonprofit organization serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976. KARA provides comprehensive grief support, crisis intervention, and education to individuals and communities facing the difficult realities of grief and loss.

This event is being co-hosted by Gunn Parent Education, the Gunn Wellness Center, and the Palo Alto Chinese Parents Club. Interpretation in Mandarin and Spanish will be available. For questions, contact parented@gunnpta.org.

Join us for this amazing event by clicking here on September 28th at 7 pm

Mindful Minute

Take 10 minutes to read this informative article on confronting grief in the age of Covid and practical ways to address it for yourself and your family.

Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength is a strength-based comprehensive wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention but impacts other issues such as substance abuse and violence. The program is based on a relational connections model that uses teams of peer leaders mentored by adult advisors to change peer social norms about help seeking and encourages students to individually assess and develop strengths in their life.

ROCK (Reach Out Care Know)

Check out a one-minute video highlighting some of what ROCK does.

ROCK has a few exciting projects in the works.

- socially distanced yoga

- painting rocks

- social media campaigns

- SELF class presentations

- thank you campaign

e-mail: rockatgunn@gmail.com

web: rockatgunn.com

Instagram: @rockatgunn

Student Activities

Virtual Fall Club Fair was last Wednesday. Watch promo videos of all the clubs. Check out all of this year’s club offerings at the following link: https://www.gunnsec.org/club-list-20-21.html

College and Career

SENIORS: Questions, information on moving forward with your college applications— contact Mr Lang or me, we are here to help. Tidy up those essays. Get ready for the CSU application opens Oct 1. Keep checking NAVIANCE for the virtual visits from college reps. They consider this high value to meet you at Gunn. If you need help with oral interviewing, send me a message. As of now: UC B, I, SC and SB (new) are definitely TEST BLIND for admissions. Some sites in the UC will use numbers for course placement and it may factor in for financial aid. AP will still be allowed to be used. Remember when you cash AP in on a college campus it may help you lessen the amount of time to graduation.

JUNIORS: No PSAT in semester one. No new news re: when it will happen, yet. At this time testing is likely to part of admission to collegeat many locations. UC will be TEST BLIND. CSU will not state what will happen next year. I have begun scheduling junior meetings and new requests need to know that most of OCTOBER is filled…so send dates and times with that in mind. Do plan to attend a few of the virtual visits this year and any virtual college fair that interests you.

—Grades count and they will look closely at how you do in semester one after grades are now in play again. End of quarter is OCT 9th.

—Clubs: think about joining one this year.


Common Ground Speaker series—Oct 8 on From Chaos to Calm—will focus on resiliency. Anyone who wants notes from the last event: Pandemic Impact…contact me at lkirsch@pausd.org

CSU for students week is Oct 5-9 www.calstate.edu/apply/csuweek

SJSU on OCT 8 at 11:40 will provide an application workshop, via Naviance

NACACFAIRS.org—check it out

Virtualcollegefairs.org—another source

Sciences PO via UC Berkeley will be OCT 8 at 12:15 see naviance. This is a dual enrollment event—you do two years in France and 2 years at UCB

Youth and Goverment: for students who want to be involved with debate etc see www.calymca.org or call 916-287-9622

COLLEGEWISE—Runway—many college tools offered free by PAUSD, mentioned by Don Austin. collegewiserunway.thinkific.com

The Water Valley wants a student on their board…good for kids with environmental interests. https://delivr.com/youthcommision2v2v4 Due Oct 2

Harvard WeCode 2020 conference. SAT, Oct 10 for 10-3:30 for women in stem. Harvardwecode.com

WOWIT Sat Oct 10 8:30-12:30 for women in tech. polytechnic.purdue.edu/summer-diversity-camps/wowit-camp-virtual

CLAIMIT Sat Oct 17 8:30-12:30 is for leadership and advanced innovation for majors in tech. Purdue again same as above but end with claim it-camp-virtual


As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure PAUSD families have multiple points of access to timely information, Collegewise has provided a free series of college planning programs and resources, called “Runway.” This series provides carefully structured resources to give students and parents the tips, tools, and timelines they need to reach their college goals in 2020. Program offerings are specific to high school grade levels.

When students sign up for “Runway,” they will have access to content and videos designed for you and your family that cover topics including:

  • College list building
  • Finding good value colleges
  • Overview of types of colleges
  • Personal statement brainstorming and writing
  • Effective Common App completion
  • Financial aid applications
  • Fee waivers overview
  • UC application guidance

Students in grades 9-11: You’ll have access to an on-demand video library, access to a monthly newsletter, and a variety of guides covering everything from STEM programs to understanding the demands of The Common App. Sign up for the program here.

“Runway” provides a valuable supplement to the more specific information available from counselors and college advisors at each high school. Here are the links to the resources available at Gunn. For more information, please review the counseling/guidance web pages, under Campus Life, on the schools’ websites: https://gunn.pausd.org/.

Gunn Affiliated Associations

Your membership, participation, and donations to the following organizations help make Gunn High School a wonderful thriving institution. Thank you for your continued support. Together we are Gunn Together!


The Gunn PTSA supports Gunn high school in many ways such as teacher grants, student activities, fundraising, and organizing volunteers. Please visit the Gunn PTSA website for more information.

Palo Alto Partners in Education

Partners in Education (PiE): PiE raises money from parents and the community to provide all Palo Alto Unified School District students an educational experience beyond what is possible with public funding. The 2020-2021 fundraising campaign has begun. See here what PiE funds for Gunn.

Gunn Foundation

Support Gunn Students via the Gunn Foundation

Since 1968, the Gunn Foundation has been granting need-based scholarships to college-bound seniors in the Gunn community. Scholarships fund essential expenses— deposits, textbooks, fees, and college costs that are often unmet by aid packages. Especially now with the impact of COVID, Gunn Foundation scholarships can make a huge difference in the future of a Gunn student.

Look for the Gunn Foundation on Step 4 of the online back-to-school packet or visit our website (gunnfound.org) and consider making a donation to support a Gunn student. Your support, at any level, will truly make a difference.