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Fast Facts

Continent- South America

Capital- Brasilia

Population- 204,259,812

Area- 3,287,611 sq.mi

Main Languages- Portuguese and Spanish

Main Religion- Roman Catholic

Distance from Brasilia to Washington D.C.- 4187.17 miles

Eating in Brazil

Brazilians usually eat continental style meaning having their knife in their right hand and their fork in their left hand with friends and family. An average amount of meals per day is 3 and after each meal, they usually drink strong black coffee. Families that are large gather together for lunch on Sundays, wiping their mouth each time before drinking. If a family is eating in a restaurant and is ready for the waiter, one person holds up their finger or says 'waiter' softly.

What Brazilians Eat

Not all Brazilians eat the same thing, it depends on what region they are in. Although, most Brazilians eat bread with butter, fruit, and drinks coffee with milk. Lunch is the main meal, so they eat beans, potatoes, fruit, bread, meat, rice, and salad. For dinner, they eat something light like a bowl of soup with bread and a pastry for dessert. In the southern region, lemonade, milk, fruit juice, and shakes are common.


Families that are middle or upper class usually has 1-2 children while poor families usually have 5-8 children. Children poor families may not be able to finish school because they don't have the money. Government aid programs help provide food, housing, and health to some families, but other poor families still have trouble with those things. Also, men usually do not leave home until the age 30 to find more economic jobs. Young couples move into their own home after they are married while the elders who need help around the house live with their children's family.

General Attitudes

Brazilians are known for their fun, free spirited, outgoing personality. They enjoy being around people and are proud of Brazil's natural resources. They are also proud of 'The Brazilian Way' which is what people call Brazilians who are creative and help solve problems during hard times. Brazilians in the north and northeast regions are more conservative and like to follow things traditionally.

What I Would Like To See And Do In Brazil

In the more northern part of Brazil, there is the Amazon River and lots of other rain forests. I would like to see those because we don't have many rain forests in Maryland. I would also like to go to the central-west region because it has tropical grasslands and savannas. Also, I would like to see paintings and sculptures that was brought from the 16th century.


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