Newsletter 2016

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A Message from your President

Greetings to all our NLPA members! My name is Shara and I am your current NLPA President. I have been a member of the board of directors for a number of years and have worked in the position of president for the last year. My new role this year has certainly been a challenge, however because of the support of the board, committees, volunteers and members it has been an enjoyable learning experience! I hope this newsletter provides all members with a snapshot of the NLPA's activity over the past year!

Current Board of Directors

Board Activity

The NLPA board of directors meets regularly (approximately every 4-6 weeks) throughout the year. Our meetings are primarily held via teleconference with 1-2 face to face meetings throughout the year.

There are several focus areas during our meetings: Public Promotion, Student Engagment, Activity from our CPA, Government Relations, Committee Collaboration and the Maintenance of Board Proceedings. We always strive to remain current on any activity happening in the physiotherapy world.

Recent Endevours Include:

- Participation in Health Expo's (St. John's, Gander)

- Collaboration with the Public Relations Committee to make NPM a success

- Collaboration with Dalhousie University in order to enhance student engagment

- Representation at Branch President Forum/Congress

- Advocacy letters to the NL Minister of Health

- Update of our Policies and Procedures Manual

- Presentation of our AGM

- Utilizing Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, E-blasts

All members are encouraged to bring issues/ideas related to our profession forward! We welcome the opportunity to work with you in order to represent our profession in the very best way possible.

AGM 2016

Our AGM was held on May 5th, 2016. This was our first year attempting a virtual AGM! Despite the "growing pains" of this new process we were pleased (and hope you were too!) with the end results. One of our major goals with this change of format was to increase the ability for our members to participate in our AGM. Many of our physiotherapists work in rural areas of our province, making travel to a traditional AGM difficult. I am happy to report that in total there were 51 members in attendence at our AGM from all over our province! We have already recieved some valuable feedback on how to make next years AGM even more successful - Thank you! Please continue to provide us with suggestions.

NPM 2016

Our Public Relations Committee was instrumental in making NPM 2016 a success. The popular "Spotlight PT" was continued from 2015. New intitiatives were added, including a radio advertisement on VOCM, a banner add on, and the release of a t-shirt logo to promote physiotherapy. Socials were held throughout the province to promote networking amongst our fellow professionals!

NL NPM Logo Desgined by our Public Relations Committee

During the month of May this logo made it's way all around our province! Thanks to all who made the effort to participate! The initiative sparked some great PT spirit!

If you would like your copy of the logo please use the email below to contact us!

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Congress in Victoria was attended by Jessica Rideout on behalf of the NLPA. Branch Presidents Forum meetings took place for 2 days prior to the official Congress opening. A lot of future planning occurred and it was a great opportunity to liase with Branch representatives from other provinces and territories.

Remodelling Congress

Changes were announced by CPA regarding the future of Congress. It will now be a biannual event and although everything is tentative at this time, planning is underway for Congress 2018. It is expected to be held in Quebec in the fall of the year. Congress 2020 will coincide with the 100th anniversary and will likely be held in Ottawa. Expect to hear more news through the CPA regarding these exciting changes!


Our Committees are diligently working on a number of initiatives. For more information on how you can participate with these committees please use the contact information below to get in touch!


- Public Relations

- Archives

- Private Practice

- Professional Development

Thank You

To our past board members who have provided us with their valuable input - Sherry Lythgoe and Erin Ballah - a heartfelt thank-you is extended.

A sincere thank you to our current/new board members who continue to volunteer their time and energy to our association.

To our committees - your dedication and commitment does not go un-noticed! Without you, many initiatives would be impossible to persue.

To our membership - thank you for your participation in our initiatives and your involvement with the NLPA.

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