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Main Story - 1895

For the past few weeks, Wilhelm Rontgen has been testing external effects of vacuum tube equipment when an electrical discharge is passed through them. When he covered them with cardboard, he noticed some type of light still escaped. He tested this experiment multiple times, changing a few variables. He soon noticed these rays could be used to look through objects, and humans. He tested these rays on his wife. He saw her skeleton hand, and said "I have seen my death!" Earlier today he released his discovery to the public.

Minonette Has Been Created by William G. Morgan

Earlier today, William created a new sport, combining features from tennis and handball. It is for the older people at the YMCA who want a little workout. He wanted Minonette to be a little less rough than basketball.

Grace Chisholm Young Gets a Doctorate at a German University

Grace has received her doctorate degree, being the first women in Germany to receive one. Before this, her writings were published under her husbands name.

First US Patent for an Automobile

George B. Selden was granted the first US patent for an automobile. He invented a new engine, and presented it in a car with four wheels. The legal process has been going on for 16 years, but today has finally been granted the patent.