Much Ado About Nothing

By Benjamin Bruckert

Samuel L. Jackson

I feel as though Samuel L. Jackson should play the role of Don Pedro in the remake of the film Much Ado About Nothing. I believe he should take on this role because in movies that he partook in, he was always the good guy and the leader. For example, in the movie Star Wars, he was a Jedi on the council and made decisions. Also, everyone liked him just like everyone liked Don Pedro.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger would play a really good Don John in the remake of Much Ado About Nothing. I feel like he would play a very good role as Don John because Don John always tried to mess things up. "Some people just want to watch the world burn," was a quote used in the Batman: The Dark Knight. The quote refers to the Joker, whom was played by Heath Ledger. Don John wanted to create chaos just because he felt like it, and the same goes for the Joker.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio reminds me a lot of Claudio. Leonardo has remained unmarried for a while now, just like Claudio in the play Much Ado About Nothing. Leonardo plays a lot of roles in movies, many of which he plays a young teenage boy who falls in love with a teenage girl. For example, in the movie Titanic, he plays Jack and falls in love with Rose. In comparison, Claudio is lovestruck by Hero.

The First Wedding Scene

The first wedding was a complete disaster. It was definitely the conflict of the play. When Claudio gets up to the alter, he accuses Hero of being a whore. All of the conflict and chaos was Don John's doing. Without this part of the play, there would be no conflict and Claudio and Hero would marry. The conflict makes things interesting. It showed that Claudio was motivated to marry someone for true love, not "physical" love.

The Truth

Eventually, some guards on the watch overhear Borracio talking about how the wedding disaster was all Don John's plan. If the guards had not have heard Don John's men talking, Hero and Claudio would have never had any sort of relationship.

The Second Wedding Scene

This scene is by far one of the most important. Claudio agrees to marry Leonato's niece, out of his pure love for Hero, after hearing that she died. Little did he know that Hero was actually under the wedding veil and not Leonato's niece. When Claudio realizes that Hero is not dead, they fall in love once again.

Love is Everywhere

"You Don't Know Me," a song by Ray Charles depicts the theme of love. It shows that love is everywhere, it's just hidden. In the song, he talks about a girl that he loves, but she doesn't know that he likes her. The lyrics "Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by/ A chance that you might love me too," mean that she might also love him back. This song relates to the play in that Benedick and Beatrice both don't know that the other one loves them. It shows that love is everywhere and everyone has someone out there for them.
Ray Charles "You Don't Know Me"