Lebron James

Sean Bowyer

Early life

Lebron James was born December 30, 1984 in Akron , Ohio. His early childhood was a struggle as he often moved from one home to another with his teenage mother, Gloria. He began playing basketball at an early age and showed tremendous talent early in his life. He was born into poverty and never had the fancy things in life.

High school years

In his freshman year, James averaged 21 points and 6 rebounds per game for St. Vincent-St. Mary's varsity team. The Fighting Irish finished the year 27–0, winning the Division III state title. In his sophomore year, James averaged 25.2 points and 7.2 rebounds per game with 5.8 assists and 3.8 steals per game. For some home games during the season, St. Vincent-St. Mary played at the University of Akron's 5,492-seat Rhodes Arena to satisfy ticket demand from alumni, fans, and college and NBA scouts who wanted to see James play. The Fighting Irish finished the season 26–1 and repeated as state champions

Miami Heat

James played with the Miami Heat for 4 years. He reached the Finals all 4 years. And won the 2nd and 3rd years. After a tragic loss to the San Antonio Spurs, Lebron's deal with the Heat had expired. He who eventually return home to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers.


Lebron James currently plays for the Cleveland Cavilers of the National Basketball Association, or NBA. Lebron currently averages 24.9 ppg, 7.3 rebounds per game, and 6.5 assists per game.
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In his life Lebron James has overcome many obstacles. He was born extremely poor and to a 16 year old mother. He found a positive outlet in basketball. He started playing basketball at the young age of 2 years old.He soon became one of the greatest players to ever set foot onto a basketball court.