Cleopatra was born in 69. B.C. and she died on August 1230 B.C. at the age of 39 .There was no medicines or medical treatment available back then. What she did to become famous was that she married Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The cause of Cleopatra's death was poison. She was imprisoned in her palace. She wanted to rule Rome but the people did not want her, so instead of killing her, they locked her up. She had a poisonous snake smuggled inside a bowl of figs.The snake bit her.If you are bit by a poisonous snake today, they give you antivenom medication.

Interesting facts

Cleopatra's beauty wasn't her biggest asset.Cleopatra knew how to make an entrance.Cleopatra had a hand in the death of her siblings.


Aconite:an extract of aconite used as a poison or in medicinal preparation

Glitzy:estentationusly attractive

Ambitious:having or showing a strong desire and determaition to succeed

Distinctive:characteristic of one person or thing and so serving to spdistinguish it from others


Alexander conquers Egypt as a minor side campaign in his conquest of the person empire 320 bce

Alexander dies in Babylon 323 bce

Cleopatra is born in Egypt 69 bce

Ptolemy cleopatra father is expelled from egypt


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