Building Shakespeare a new Globe!

A proposal for a new Globe and Globe Model propositions

We are Trooper Tech! The best contractors in England!

Dear London Mayor and commerce committee,

From all of us at Trooper Tech I would like to thank you for this opportunity and present you with the plans for an all new Globe Theater on the banks of the Thames! With several amazing models to chose from you will soon have yet another tourist attraction in the great city of London. We have presented below several spectacular models that made it past our finest architects! They have decided each of these deserves a chance to make history in being Shakespeare's new Globe! On behalf of the Tech team I thank you for choosing Trooper tech!

Model Proposal Choices

Vote online now if you want to see any of these designs as Englands new Globe Theater! (Mrs Call dont click on this i made it up from an existing site and just changed some words in it I dont know what wil happen if you click on it)