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Amoeba (Amoeba Proteus)

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They get energy from eating another organisms (algae, bacteria, and plants cells). Amoeba Proteus moves by extending their cytoplasm and appears to do so in a slow, gliding fashion. Amoeba Proteus can be found in clean ponds with fresh water. By creating a pond like environment with leaves, fresh clean water, mud, and a few wheat grains, let the mixture sit for a few days and it will produce Amoeba Proteus. The nucleus, cytoplasm, contractile vacuole, and food vacuole are important to the Amoeba Proteus.
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• How Amoeba Proteus got its name. Amoeba means to "change" and Proteus comes from a Greek god who can change shapes.

• The amoeba reproduces by diving itself by two.

• When the amoeba eats its prey, the prey remains alive inside the amoeba for some days.

• Amoebas are composed of just one cell.

• Most of Amoebas looks like a blob and some of them build shield.

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It's pieces

cell membrane - the thin layer of protein and fat that surrounds the amoeba; it allows some substances to pass into the cell, and blocks other substances.
contractile vacuole - the amoeba organelles that excess water and waste; the waste is brought to the cell membrane and is then eliminated from the amoeba.
cytoplasm (ectoplasm and endoplasm) - a jelly-like material that fills most of the cell; the organelles are surrounded by cytoplasm.
food vacuole - the amoeba organelles in which food is digested.
nucleus - the major organelle of the amoeba, located centrally; it controls reproduction (it contains the chromosomes) and many other important functions.
pseudopods - temporary "feet" that the amoeba uses to move around and to cover food.
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How its eat

  1. The amoeba heads toward the paramecium that doesn't know that the Amoeba was there.
  2. It begins to spread out it's body to catch its prey.
  3. The amoeba keeps changing its shape until it enclosed is prey.
  4. The paramecium will soon be completely inside the amoeba.
  5. The amoeba will absorb it's food directly inside its cell walls.

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