Written By: John Green

BY: Hailey Song

There are 320 pages in this book

~Somethings are hard to follow but not impossible~


Q thinks that everyone gets a miracle. His miracle is being neighbors with The Margo Spiegelman in Orlando, Florida. They used to be childhood friends but one day changes that. They haven't talked since they were nine, that changes one night. Margo slips into Q's room as a ninja and convinces him to help her do somethings. Some things that aren't legal. When they drive all night, Q sees a side he never thought he would see. When she runs away the next door, Q isn't ready to let her out of his life again. He follows her clues with the help of his friends and Lacey. It's hard but none of them are giving up so easily.


This story is in first person view of Q's perspective. I know this because it tells how he's mentally feeling and what he's really thinking about something.


I think what the author was trying to say in this story is that life is interesting. You never know what'll happen. With true friends though, they help us to do anything even if they know how dumb and dangerous it may be. Like Q's friends when he was looking for Margo. You can find an adventure, you just have to look deeper sometimes.

Relation to My life

This story actually taught me a lot. It taught me that peer pressure is everywhere but you can ignore it and follow your guts. When i do some things that no one thinks is the solution, i usually just follow the majority. This story though taught me that following what you believe in is hard when everyone else is pulling you down. It's also one of the bravest things to do. Especially when it means finding your friends. This showed me that friends are the best things in life. It's always worth the trouble to do anything for them. Which is what I believed and now doing.