Dragon Roar: 3.27. 2020

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God turns everything to our good


We did it! We made it through a full week of remote learning. Whew. I am starting back up on the weekly Dragon Roar and will get it out to you on Fridays to alleviate you from receiving so many emails. After next week, our teachers will also start an email newsletter to keep their communication in one place as much as possible. Additionally below, I included the full text and a video of Pope Francis' blessing and prayer today. Signs of hope!

Can you believe we are only 2 weeks away from Easter? Tune in on the St. Monica PARISH Facebook to see Mass on Sunday.

Sunday's Gospel: Fifth Sunday of Lent, John 11:1-45

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus’ promise of eternal life is a central element of our faith. Even though Easter is still two weeks away, our Gospel on Sunday invites us to acknowledge Jesus’ power over death, evidenced in the raising of Lazarus, and to anticipate Jesus’ conquering of death once and for all in his death and Resurrection.

Family Idea for Sunday's Gospel

1) Gather your family today and read today’s Gospel in its shorter form, John 11:3-7,17,20-27,33b-45.

2) Write Jesus’ promise from today’s Gospel (“I am the resurrection and the life.”) on a large sheet of white paper.

3) As your family talks about what Jesus means by this promise, decorate Jesus’ words with symbols that will remind you of his promise of eternal life.

4) Display this reminder of Jesus’ promise in a prominent place in your home and keep it there until Easter. Pray that you will always remain confident in Jesus’ promise of eternal life, especially now when there is so much uncertainty.

Do you know what I know is certain at this time? This community of Dragons and your generosity. I have been humbled and filled with tears of gratitude at your generosity with helping each other out financially during this time.

I will share more about our results from my Tuition letter in our next Dragon Roar. Still waiting to hear from some of you!


Ms. Salazar and the SMCS Team

PS It was too hard to pick just one picture so if you're on here, you get a free dress coupon!!!

Tution Discount Letter

This went out yesterday, Thursday, March 26 in your email inbox.

It is critical to read and all families MUST fill out the survey attached to it by Monday, March 30 at 9AM.

We need your response to take immediate action BEFORE April billing hits your account.

I will be responding to questions and calls re: April Tuition on Monday after 9AM. Stay tuned! Answer a call when it comes from unknown, it's me!

Our Team is Unplugged on the Weekend and Holidays

  • Please remember our team availability and master school calendar. We will be unplugged on weekends and regularly scheduled holidays (i.e. Good Friday coming up!)
  • Team members are available from 8AM to 12PM and 12:30PM to 3PM on Monday to Friday on google classroom and zoom when scheduled.
  • Team members will answer emails up until 5PM. Anything after will be answered ASAP within 1 business day.
  • Our team members will be unplugged on the weekends and we want you to be as well! You can email questions and we will answer when we are back online.

Counselor's Corner: Note from Mrs. Moncrief

As everyone is adjusting to new routines and a temporary way of doing school through distant learning, your child(ren) may be worried, sad, and miss their friends and teachers. You may notice that your child(ren) may experience anxiety, you may possibly notice restlessness, constant worry, trouble sleeping and trouble with concentration. We are all in this together, and will learn and grow from this.

I have created a “Class” in Google Classroom that has a collection of resources just for you!

Google Classroom Code: 72fdwe3.

I added what is called a Padlet in “Classwork”. It is a virtual whiteboard where you will see tiles (squares) that are clickable. Feel free to explore. You may find some ideas and resources that help you start some conversations with your child(ren); or discover some words of encouragement, when everything feels overwhelming. I know that feeling because I am a mom too! Make sure you will build in some moments where you can care for yourself during the day, so you can take care of others.

Please take every precaution for you and your family to remain safe and healthy. If you need to speak with me, please email me directly at emoncrief@saintmonica.net. We can also make arrangements to speak on the phone or by Zoom.

May God bless and protect you and your family in the weeks ahead.


Eleni Moncrief

Live Mass Stream: Click Below for Sunday at 11AM. Friday at 8:15AM for School Mass.

Pope Francis Prayer from Today, God Turns Everything to Our Good

LIVE: Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi amid coronavirus pandemic


Master Live Teaching Time Schedule

  • All live teaching sessions are on zoom.
  • The master schedule is below.
  • We color-coded it so you can find all the classes for your grade.
  • The Meeting ID for your Zoom room and the time is included. Some have passwords. That will be found in your google classroom.
  • Every teacher has office hours where you can pop in to ask questions and clarification on work.
  • ALL zoom sessions are recorded so we can post them later for missed lessons.
  • Can you all join me in thanking, Mrs. Cortez for putting this together for us with our teachers? YESSS!!

Master Zoom Schedule

Remote Learning Extended to April 9, Actual Date Undetermined for Now

From Superintendent's Letter Emailed Out: "Finally, I had previously indicated that we would move to the distance learning platform through April 3. With San Antonio and Bexar County officials announcing last night the "Stay Home, Work Safe" measures that will be in place through April 9, our time for distance learning has been extended. Our desire is to have students back on campus as soon as possible. However, it is unreasonable to give a firm date at this time. We will continuously monitor the situation and are hopeful that we will be back in school within the eight week time period discussed at the federal level, which would have us continuing distance learning through May 8. If there is any possibility to return sooner, we absolutely will! I just want families to realistically plan that this situation may continue longer than anyone originally anticipated."

The biggest thing to note, we are extended to April 9 officially. If we follow CDC guidelines from the start of the outbreak we would be back by May 8. However, every state and country is experiencing different outbreaks. We do not know enough yet to give a firm return date. SMCS is committed to opening as soon as city guidelines in correlation with Archdiocesan guidelines allow SAFE opening. We are committed to offering a summer session to catch up on any gaps if Bexar County, State, and Federal Mandates allow.

How do I get to all the sites for online learning?

Remote Learning Plan

How do I contact my teachers for questions about the online lessons?

1) Number one best way--email.

2) Each teacher now has Zoom office hours reflected on the master schedule.

My Password Doesn't Work

Email asalazar@saintmonica.net and vdaigle@saintmonica.net so one of us can reset it for you.

Wait, there are tech rules? Yes! Please read the attached document.

There will be TONS of updates as we get moving. Please help us help you and let us know of issues and roadblocks you encounter.

What will grading look like?

I will be finalizing this with the Archdiocese to see what standards we need to meet to continue our school accreditation AND give you credit for completing this school year during this time.

Right now everything is treated as a Completion Grade and any student not mastering concepts, will be reached out to by the teacher to further support.

Please support your student in getting online; however, independent, student work is what we are looking for!

I can't tune in at the scheduled time!

That's ok. It will be recorded. You will have at least a week to complete all assignments.

My student receives Title 1 tutoring services during the year, will he or she still receive?

Yes! Mrs. Diana Gagne, our Title 1 instructor, has resources and lessons coming your way. I asked her to begin on Tuesday. If you need her sooner, please email: Diana.Gagne@esc20.net

HELP! My student receives Building Strong Foundations interventions during the year. How do I do this at home?

Give yourself this week to get acclimated to the learning platform. Email our director of Building Strong Foundations and Academic Success, Mrs. Cortez at rcortez@saintmonica.net to get additional support when you are ready

My student and/or family really need emotional support right now

Email emoncrief@saintmonica.net and she will connect with you and get you what you need!

I think I have missed a few newsletters!! Here is what has been out since Spring Break.

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Ren Web: Parents Web

Stay plugged in to your student's academic needs! Please make sure you have a family account on Ren Web/. Attached is a tutorial to create your account in english and espanol.

District Code for St. Monica's: SMC-TX

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Handbook for 2019-2020